Import from excel

Any user can import actions from any Excel spreadsheet to Profifox action plan. Users can do it with our built in wizard following this steps:

  1. Select desired action plan. If you dont have Action plan created, follow this tutorial.
  2. Click on 3 dots button and select import actions.
  3. Select Excel you want to import from using button chose file
  4. Select Sheet you want to import from and type in row number, where data starts (excluding headers)
  5. In last part of wizard, you need to specify, what column of your file holds what data in comparison with Profifox structure. If your excel spreadsheet dont have all the data, just leave input blank.




Some fields need to be correctly formatted in order to be successfully imported.


PRIORITY - Priority have to be formatted as following

           HIGH - {"H" or "High" or "2"}

           MEDIUM - {"M" or "Medium" or "1"}

Everything that does not match this criteria,will be imported as LOW priority


SUB-TASKS - each sub-task have to be in new line within one cell


RESPONSIBLES - Only email addresses will be imported from Excel. No additional formatting is required.