SafetyCulture iAuditor integration

You need to have premium plan of SafetyCulture iAuditor activated. Learn more here. To be able to successfully link accounts, you have to be company administrator in iAuditor and Administrator in profifox.
Linking account feature is currently offered as public preview for evaluation purposes only.

Linking Profifox with iAuditor will help you to organize all non-conformities found during your audits, reduce your paperwork and eliminate papers from your workflow. By linking your account with Profifox, you are allowing Profifox to access your company's failed audits, and lists of non-conformities found within those audits.

Profifox will create automatically an action plan to each conducted audit, that can be managed as standard action plan in your company.

To link accounts, please follow this steps:

  1. On Profifox management portal, select from menu "Audits"
  2.  Click on "link account" button (shown on the picture below) and fill out login information for your iAuditor account. You should use an account that can see all audits that need to be synchronized to Profifox (e.g. company admin in iAuditor)
  3. After the account has been linked and templates from iAuditor are loaded, you should see a screen similar to the picture shown below
  4. Tou each iAuditor audit template, you have to select Profifox template, for actions to follow.


-          You can unlink your iAuditor account from Profifox by clicking the "unlink account" button

-          To manually initialize synchronization of iAuditor audits to Profifox click "synchronize audits"

-          The table shown on the picture above shows templates created in iAuditor and their options for synchronization to Profifox. You can enable and disable synchronization of audits with specific iAuditor template. You can also choose a Profifox template that will be used when synchronizing audits to Profifox.

-          After changing options for the templates, use "save" button in the top right to save your changes


Current version is using users names as key for pairing data correctly. Please ensure, that users have exactly same name in iAuditor and in Profifox. Names are case sensitive.