Video tutorials

To get the most of our solution, take a look at our video tutorials at YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxaCS79xHd5ip5_1TBqzT-A All videos are approximately 1 minute long.

What are action plans?

Imagine Action plan as a list, or container of actions that are related to each other. Each action plan can have unlimited number of actions in it, but it have to be created first and than filled by actions. Usually, action plans are created based on meetings (where team agreed on actions that have to be done) or on audits, products, projects ect. To get more insights, take a look at how-to videoshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxaCS79xHd5ip5_1TBqzT-A

What is action?

Actions are main building block of PROFIFOX. Each action should define problem to solve and way how to solve it. Each action can have single person or whole team that is responsible for finishing it. You can fill multiple fields in it: * Topic or name of action * Due date when this action have to be done * Reminder to remind you in other time that due date * Change P-D-C-A status * Description of your problem * Actions to be taken * Create to-do list if action is more complicate...

Is it free?

Yes it is. Our basic system is completely free for you to enjoy and by default you will get 30 days free trial to experience all advanced features: * Synchronization and backup between all your devices * Synchronization with all teamactions (with anyone) * Access to our web based app if you don't want to install anything * Coming soon: Reporting and progress tracking So give us a try, and let us know what you think.

When can PROFIFOX help me?

If you are experiencing at least one of following, we will make your life easier: * You are managing tasks, issues or actions in multiple projects and teams. * When you work with other people, teams, suppliers and external partners and you are responsible for results ofwork done by other people. * If you have tasks, that can span across weeks and also tasks that have to be done very fast. * You are working in fast pace, not always with laptop available, not always connected to internet...

Do I need to register?

No, we do not require registration. You can decide if you want to log-in with your existing Microsoft or Google account, or you can skip it and log in later. For correct functioning of our system, you have to be logged in as skipping will disable synchronization between your devices. We are requiring to fill out your profile page with working email. This email is used for synchronization of actions between you and other people you chose to work with and it is not shared with third parties withou...