Action - detail

You can watch this part of tutorial on YouTube:

Detail of action consists from several fields:

  • Name – name of action
  • Due date
  • Reminder – date and time when your phone should ring to remind you this action
  • Status – P-D-C-A or DMAIC status of action
  • Priority – priority of action (Low, Medium, High)
  • Description – description of action
  • Action – long version of action
  • Sub-tasks -  To-Do list to this particular action of needed
  • Responsible – team of people responsible for this action
  • Result – result of action
  • Root cause analysis – Root cause analysis if needed
  • Sub Tasks due date – date and time when particular to-do item within action should be done
  • Validator – person other than leader or responsible that should validate, if all data written in action are valid

You are able to add pictures to fields description, action, root cause and result. Adding picture can be done through clicking on add picture button or through drag & drop feature from computer.

Most of the fields can be hidden, modified or restricted for selected users by company system administrators using "Plan Templates" features.