What is action?

Actions are main building block of PROFIFOX.

Each action should define problem to solve and way how to solve it. 

Each action can have single person or whole team that is responsible for finishing it.


You can fill multiple fields in it:

  • Topic or name of action
  • Due date when this action have to be done
  • Reminder to remind you in other time that due date
  • Change P-D-C-A status
  • Description of your problem
  • Actions to be taken
  • Create to-do list if action is more complicated and you have to track multiple steps
  • Responsible person or whole team (people who should work on this action)
  • Result - when you are done, let other know how it went.


To get more insights, take a look at how-to videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxaCS79xHd5ip5_1TBqzT-A