ShopFloor TV - Create & Edit


Everybody can create group of action plans, that will be shown on Tv in production or offices either in SmartTV web browser or using computer and TV only as screen. Creating designated ShopFloor TV is through button in menu.

Main purpose of Shop-floor TV is to provide real time transparent data for meetings or for anyone who is passing by. In this way, managers or other employees don’t have to do anything in order to see current status on most important action plans related to location of TV.
ShopFloor TV can provide data related to:
  • Action plans
  • KPI - single metric (Quality, OEE, orders, etc.)
  • Multiple KPI per screen - Up to 4 different KPI metrics



Every user is able to create TV views - combination of layouts that are shown on physical TV.

1. As first step user have to create a TV view - Assigning data to physical TV. New view can be created in TV screen, using create button.


2. Fill all details. name your TV in way you will know, where this TV is located. You can pick between two schemes (Light and Dark) and you can create password that will be used to start this view on actual TV. And save TV view.



Editing provides you with ability to change all TV view settings and access to unique URL that will give you direct access to this TV view. This link provide direct access to this view on your physical TV. You will be asked for password when accessing TV view through this link.


Each TV can have multiple layouts assigned to it. To edit layouts, hit edit layouts button.

On layout editing screen, you are able to add as many layouts as you want. They will rotate on your TV.

NOTE: Layouts are in alphabetical order. If you need to have specific order of layout, use numbers as first part of Layout name

 When creating new layout, you can choose from two types:

  1. Action plans
  2. KPI



This type of layout is designed to show selected action plans on TV. It will provide all information on progress, team and open actions. When selecting this layout, you have to give it a name and select action plans, that you want to be shown on this layout.


This type of layout will let you select from available KPI indicators. You can select up to 4 indicators per layout.

If you select 1 indicator, it will populate whole TV Screen by Monthly data (last 12 months), Weekly data (last 8 weeks) and Daily data (last 14 days) - Use this option if you need bigger overview.

If you select 2 to 4 indicators, each indicator will be shown as separate graph with 14 days history. Use this option if you need greater detail (per shift or machine).

NOTE: If you dont see any KPI available, please contact your system administrator. All KPI metrics have to be setup by your administrator.